RobbUnfiltered Ep. 53: Racial Tension & Victim Blaming

This story gets ugly. A fellow VCU alum on Twitter thought it would be cute to make the following comment after I informed another tweeter that the word “boy” can me misconstrued as racist to a person of color, like myself. This was what she said:

I love a good joke. Shit, I love bad jokes. Racism is not a joke. Especially when it is directed at me. As you can imagine, I had a pretty bad knee jerk reaction to this. It took a few hours for me to calm down. You see, this person is also a friend of mine on social media and we’d met once.

I reached out to her on a DM on Facebook. Here is what I wrote:

This was her response:

Notice that there is no denial of being racist. If someone accused me of being racist or sexist or any ist, I would vehemently deny it, because that is not the case. This person’s go to was to victim blame. Here’s the thing about victim blaming. In 1947 Theodor W. Adorno defined what would be later called “blaming the victim,” as “one of the most sinister features of the Fascist character.”

So, Coach Dave and I decided to do a show about this. If there is one thing I won’t back down from, it’s a racist. It’s sad and unfortunate that this person has this kind of hate in their heart. I pray for their soul and only hope that they never feel the same way that they made me feel.

A simple tweet turns ugly and leaves me wondering why someone has so much hate in their heart.

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