RobbUnfiltered Weekly NFL One-Liners: Week 8

Week 8: No one saw the 49ers coming, everyone knew the Pats would be the Pats and there is a big disparity between the elite and the rest of the league. Let’s see how the teams shake out near the halfway point of the season.

Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1) — Hopeful. If Kyler Murray continues to develop and they build a defense, the Cards have a bright future with L.A. and Seattle getting older.

Atlanta Falcons (1-7) — Desperate. This team needs a defensive rebuild before their offensive stars are past their prime.

Baltimore Ravens (5-2) — Always in the mix. The move to Lamar Jackson and an always strong defense keeps the Ravens in the conversation year after year.

Buffalo Bills (5-2) — Bait and Switch. You see that defense play and you are just wowed. And then Josh Allen trots out behind center and you realize that this is a lemon.

Carolina Panthers (4-3) — Trending downwards. Cam Newton could be done in Carolina and so may Ron Rivera.

Chicago Bears (3-4) — Fools gold. I bought into Mitch Trubisky and Matt Nagy like so many Bears fans.

Cincinnati Bengals (0-8) — A complete tear-down. Andy Dalton got a birthday card this week that read, “Happy Birthday! Take the rest of the season off.” Sadly, most of his teammates signed it.

Cleveland Browns (2-5) — Clevelandesque. Only in Cleveland. Baker Manziel is melting down and their coach is out of his league.

Dallas Cowboys (4-3) — Under performing. Well, only one person is under performing…Dak.

Denver Broncos (2-6) — Disarray. John Elway might have been a great QB but he is a shitty GM.

Detroit Lions (3-3-1) — Unlucky. The Lions are better than they normal are but the Packers and to some extent, the Vikings, are just way, WAY better.

Green Bay Packers (7-1) — Surprising. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers and the D is just phenomenal.

Houston Texans (5-3) — All hype. Bill O’Brien is the new Andy Reid. He’ll have a great regular season and then shit the bed in the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts (5-2) — Underrated. This team was built around giving Andrew Luck better weapons and Jacoby Brissett is taking advantage of that.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4) — Same old situation. No team has had more lofty expectations over the past four seasons only to fail spectacularly.

Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) — Unbalanced. Their defense will do them in.

Los Angeles Chargers (3-5) — Overrated. Every year this team shits on its fan base one way or another.

Los Angeles Rams (5-3) — Hungover. Jared Goff is just not that good.

Miami Dolphins (0-7) — Given up. This team is just tanking on purpose.

Minnesota Vikings (6-2) — Schizophrenic. Only as good as Kirk Cousins decides he’s going to be on game day.

New England Patriots (8-0) — The GOATS. Not just TB12. Not just the Hoodie. The whole organization is the best ever.

New Orleans Saints (7-1) — Scary. Drew Brees is back.

New York Giants (2-6) — Could be worse. They are better than the Jets.

New York Jets (1-6) — Doomed. Good team on paper but poorly run and that’s coming from a Redskin fan,

Oakland Raiders (3-4) — Borrowed time. They are looking towards the future and Las Vegas.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) — Own worst enemies. Can’t seem to put together a decent string of games but at least Wentz is still healthy.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) — Confused. Too much turnover and too many injuries for this team has them in an identity crisis.

San Francisco 49ers (7-0) — Better than advertised. The defense is sick and Jimmy G is the real deal. Still doubting Kyle Shanahan.

Seattle Seahawks (6-2) — Exactly where they want to be. No one really knows what to expect from this team. Outside of Russell Wilson, they are a bunch of no names.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) — Pathetic. More holes on the roster than Swiss cheese.

Tennessee Titans (4-4) — Mediocre. Top to bottom.

Washington Redskins (1-7) — Irrelevant. The Nationals won the World Series and the Capitals look lethal and that might be the best thing to happen to the Redskins because it keeps their dysfunction under the radar.

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