Unfiltered Findings: Common Ground

Welcome to Unfiltered Findings for episode 80 of Robb Unfiltered titled Common Ground.

We Just Disagree

As I sat down to write the opening of Episode 80 of RobbUnfiltered, I thought about the times I’ve been told I’m wrong and the times I’ve said the same to others. I consciously do it as little as possible, but on my personal soapbox of RobbUnfiltered, I’ve said some controversial shit that you might not agree with. And that’s okay. It happens to me a lot on social media. Especially when commenting on the political climate of this country or social issues.

Full disclosure, I am a political moderate and a fence sitter who values multiple elements from a number of political ideologies. As a result, that helps to shape my opinion about sports and the like. I can be hardheaded about somethings because I’ve decided that is the hill I’m going to die on but I also believe that it is good to pick your battles.

 As I continue to evolve as a person and this podcast continues to develop, I am going to strive to be open to more opinions. Today’s episode reminds me of a song by Dave Mason. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing it. But here are some thoughtful words:

“So let’s leave it alone ’cause we can’t see eye to eye

There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy

There’s only you and me and we just disagree” Dave Mason: We Just Disagree

I’ve been hard on the ownership of the Washington Redskins. In my eyes, they deserve it. On some fan forums, I’ve been called a traitor for not sticking by my team no matter what. Last week, I had some harsh words for the NBA and their relationship with China. And then LeBron James made a statement that I definitely could not get behind. But who am I to judge a person or a league that wants to make a few bucks? Would I like more money? Of course, who doesn’t? But, is it my biggest priority in life? Hell no.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m still going to be me. I’ve never said anything on the show or written anything having to do with the show that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. That, I can promise. But, as I am learning, I have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes sometimes.

Here’s the thing about doing a podcast, or as far as I’m concerned, being involved in any form of media. It takes a level of narcissism to do this. You are putting yourself out there and saying read my words, listen to my voice, look at my pictures, view my videos, love me.

So, I ask everyone who watches, listens, or reads about this podcast to keep an open mind and remind me when I’m not. And if you don’t agree with me, its okay. I get it. We can still get along.

Take That Dan Snyder

I know, I know. I opened the show with a kinder gentler version of myself. That doesn’t mean certain people still aren’t going to get shit flung their way from time to time.

I couldn’t be happier for the success of the Washington Nationals. I’m a native of Browns Mills, N.J. but I grew up in Springfield, Va. And, I grew up a fan of all of the D.C. teams. Except baseball, because there was no baseball in D.C. The region failed twice with baseball in two versions of the Washington Senators. Quite frankly, I never expected there to ever be baseball back in D.C. And, while growing up a fan of Cal Ripkin, Jr., I never really embraced the Baltimore Orioles. Instead, I gravitated to the Boston Red Sox, much to the chagrin of my Pop, a New York Yankees fan and Reggie Jackson fanatic. I loved those 1980s Red Sox teams even though they broke my heart year after year. But I digress. Back to the Nationals.

Now that the Nationals have won the World Series, they might leap frog the Washington Capitals as D.C.’s favorite team. And, they will also pole vault past Dan Snyder’s Redskins. When Danny Boy bought this team 20 years ago, the favorite D.C. sports teams were, the Redskins, the Redskins, the Redskins, whoever was playing Dallas or Philly, the Capitals, the Wizards/Bullets, the Orioles, and D.C. United. My point, D.C. was a football town. Redskins news landed on the front page of the Washington Post on the reg. And now, they still make headlines, but it’s generally about a losing culture and dysfunction. And people have read enough of that.

Since the Nats won the World Series, that means three of the five (if you include D.C. United) major sports teams in the region, have won titles since the Redskins last won a Super Bowl. And let’s not forget the Mystics, the newly crowned WNBA champs. Throw in the University of Virginia, The University of Maryland, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Commonwealth University, and you have a collection of national titles in hoops, soccer, and lacrosse, as well as Final Four appearances, bowl game wins, and a slew of conference titles.

What I’m getting at is that Dan Snyder, you’ve really shit the bed running the Redskins. On your watch, the team has gone from D.C.’s darlings to D.C.’s goats, not to be mistaken with the acronym of GOAT. So, Danny Boy, you’re on the clock. 2019 is a wash. The Redskins will be lucky to win another game this season. 2020 is going to have to be the year of the Burgundy and Gold. Everyone is watching. If there isn’t a huge organizational improvement, and that doesn’t have to immediately translate into wins, then the Redskins will have a hard time fixing the problem they have created. At least the Redskins still have the Wizards to compare to. Sadly, the last time the D.C. basketball team won a title, they were the Bullets and it was 1978. But, the way things look for the Redskins, the Wizards might get a title before they do.

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