RobbUnfiltered Weekly NFL One-Liners: Week 15

Week 15: As most of the league looks towards 2020, I’ll examine what “hindsight is 20/20” for each franchise.

32. Cincinnati Bengals (1-13) — Zac Taylor is no Sean McVay.

31. Washington Redskins (3-11) — Bruce Allen is NOT the smartest person in the room and the culture is NOT good.

30. Miami Dolphins (3-11) — Josh Rosen is no Dan Marino (shit, he’s no Ryan Tannehill either).

29. New York Giants (3-11) — Abhorrent tweets and the refusal to apologize should be made earlier in the season if you want to get off a sinking ship quicker and on to a contender (this is not an endorsement of Janoris Jenkins’ ignorant tweet and subsequent refusal to rectify the situation).

28. Detroit Lions (3-10-1) — Former New England assistants don’t make good head coaches.

27. New York Jets (5-9) — Being the best team in New Jersey doesn’t mean shit this season.

26. Los Angeles Chargers (5-9) — Philip Rivers and Anthony Lynn pulled a bait and switch.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-9) — Nick Foles can’t produce outside of Philly and Gardner Minshew is the poor man’s Baker Mayfield (only likeable).

24. Arizona Cardinals (4-9-1) — They are going to miss Larry Fitzgerald next season.

23. Denver Broncos (5-9) — Joe Flacco is washed up.

22. Atlanta Falcons (5-9) — Dan Quinn coached hard too little too late.

21. Cleveland Browns (6-8) — Freddie Kitchens is not an NFL-caliber head coach (he might not even be an XFL-caliber head coach).

20. Carolina Panthers (5-9) — Cam Newton is not Superman.

19. Oakland Raiders (6-8) — Derek Carr isn’t suited for a 1990’s style offense (and he shouldn’t be).

18. Indianapolis Colts (6-8) — Regret not drafting a QB.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-7) — Jameis Winston can’t tell who he is supposed to throw the ball to—his team or the other team.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (7-7) — Regret letting Nick Foles walk or at least trying to trade him for a wide receiver.

15. Dallas Cowboys (7-7) — Regret keeping Jason Garrett too long.

14. Chicago Bears (7-7) — Realized that kicker was the least of their problems.

13. Tennessee Titans (8-6) — Will now have to overpay their current starting QB Ryan Tannehill.

12. Houston Texans (9-5) — Didn’t hire a GM who would fire their coach.

11. Los Angeles Rams (8-6) — Didn’t accept the reality of Todd Gurley’s health.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6) — Realized that they don’t need superstars.

9. Minnesota Vikings (10-4) — Are still in denial about Kirk Cousins.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (10-4) — Just don’t have a solid defensive scheme.

7. Buffalo Bills (10-4) — Won’t be there until those two guys in New England are gone.

6. San Francisco 49ers (11-3) — Still won’t realize that their biggest flaw is their head coach.

5. Green Bay Packers (11-3) — Should have made a coaching change two years ago.

4. New England Patriots (11-3) — Cheaters never prosper except in sports.

3. New Orleans Saints (11-3) — Would be abysmal without Sean Peyton and Drew Brees/Teddy Bridgewater/Taysom Hill.

2. Seattle Seahawks (11-3) — Will hover under the radar next year too.

1. Baltimore Ravens (12-2) — Would give Greg Roman more credit before losing him.

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