RobbUnfiltered Weekly NFL One-Liners: Conference Championship Week

Conference Championship Week:  The season comes down to two teams that couldn’t be more different.

4. Green Bay Packers (14-4) – No one told Green Bay that they had a game to play on Sunday.

3. Tennessee Titans (11-8) – My only advice to the Titans’ brass is to not break the bank offering Ryan Tannehill a contract.

2. San Francisco 49ers (15-3) –John Lynch deserves all the credit for this team’s turn around.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) – Andy Reid is one of the best off a bye week, of course, one of the few losses was a Super Bowl.

Petition Jeff Bezos to buy a majority stake in the Washington Redskins

Get Dan Snyder to sell the Washington Redskins

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